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As we age, our balance becomes impaired, bones weaken and vision dwindles. These are facts of life that can no longer be overlooked, because they increase the risk of falling among the elderly. Falls become even more dangerous when sustained by fragile bones, amplifying the likelihood of fracturing on impact.

It might seem an overly cautious approach but it’s effective in keeping elderly individuals safe from harm; so much so that some organizations offer ‘purposeful walks’ for seniors in order to strengthen muscles used for balance and mobility, ultimately reducing their risk of falls and fractures. Activities such as these can be excellent preventative measures that secure physical safety and prevent serious bodily harm before someone takes a slip.

The fragility of our time here is felt more intensely as we age just like morning dew touching delicate petals, reminding us of how precious life can be – so catching ourselves if we are able to face such dangers bravely through knowledge and caution should always be our duty!

The tragedy of wind in the elderly 

Welcome to a world where wind can be an unseen danger for the elderly. It may seem harmless, with its peaceful gusts and playful breezes, but the truth is that strong winds can be difficult for seniors to navigate – making them more vulnerable to slips and falls.

The dangers of strong winds are twofold; it can be difficult for them to properly balance against gales, and debris or loose items increase the risk of tripping hazards. As we investigate further, we come to understand why failed physical efforts in these conditions can lead to horrific fractures among the elderly.

Not only must they contend with the physical factors of trying not to fall, but their poorer eyesight leaves them less able to detect debris quickly – allowing more time for incidents to happen before they can correct themselves mentally or physically to prevent it resulting in tragedy.

Obviously this information isn’t meant to cause fear but rather a heightened awareness about the risks associated with windy days for people of advanced age. Though it may seem simple on its face – flying leaves and twirls of paper – in reality there is exponential risk at play here that must be taken seriously and considered carefully when outdoors given that slips and falls are a leading cause of broken bones amongst seniors!

Consequences of fractures resulting from falls

I am here to caution all elderly people about the danger of falls that can cause fractures. Such serious injuries can have dire long-term consequences, including intense pain, impaired mobility and an increased risk of premature death. Recently, a study was conducted to investigate the role of wind in falls among elderly people. It revealed that a gust of wind is a leading reason for loss of balance and likelihood of a fall leading to fracture.

The most common types of fractures resulting from falls are hip fractures, wrist fractures, and spinal fractures. These injuries often require surgery and intense physical therapy with prolonged rehabilitation time. Hip fractures carry the highest mortality rate among these three types – up to 36% over two years after the surgery. One reason for this is that those who suffer hip-related injuries following falls often have weak bones (osteoporosis) or other health conditions that make them prone to higher risks and more serious injuries .

What’s more, lack of physical activity or deteriorated muscles can also contribute to increased risk of such trauma from falling down.  Pre-existing conditions make it difficult for those affected to engage in activities that others take for granted.

Going through an episode like this not only has significant physical effects but also psychological implications for our elderly population. This is due to feelings of fear or helplessness associated with losing control or balance. Physical inactivity leads them into further isolation and increases risk of fracturing bones by subsequent falls.

Seniors Playing cards together at a nursing home
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nurse is helping a senior walk post surgery

Prevention strategies for falls due to wind

Windy days can be both a blessing and a curse. On one hand, it may signal the arrival of cooler temperatures. On the other, for older adults, blustery winds pose a serious hazard. Whether it is outside in the streets or even inside their homes, elderly people are at risk of falls due to strong gusts that make them lose their balance. This can quickly lead to severe injury or fractures that require long-term medical treatment.

Because of this important health risk posed by windy weather, preventive steps need to be taken as soon as possible in order to avoid these costly trips to the hospital or nursing home. Installing secure handrails and grips can add an extra layer of safety against slips or falls in hallways and stairwells. Also, opting for shoes with better traction can help keep feet firmly planted on the floor during stormy conditions.  Sturdy walking aids can also help seniors regain some of their independence by making sure they have secure footing on slippery sidewalks or parking lots

When wind begins blowing with strength, being mindful of potential hazards is an absolute must for elderly adults looking to remain safe and well fortified throughout the storm season. Taking these preventative steps can offer physical and psychological peace of mind for elderly individuals who are still striving to partake in day-to-day outdoor errands regardless of the season’s weather conditions.

It’s a heartbreaking reality that countless seniors suffer from accidents each year due to poor weather conditions. While strong winds and other environmental hazards can be dangerous for anyone, those who are older and may lack mobility, agility, or alertness are especially vulnerable.

Treatment and rehabilitation for individuals who suffer fractures

Windy days can often be a problem for some of our elderly. Whether the winds start out light or gust unexpectedly, the consequences for our seniors can be serious. Falls are one of the most common causes of fractures and other injuries in the elderly population, and on windy days it’s easy to see why. An unexpected gust of wind can quickly destabilize someone whose balance is already precarious and send them stumbling to the ground with a fracture as a consequence.

When an elderly person has suffered a fracture, proper medical care is necessary to get them back up and moving. Surgery may be needed to repair the bone if it’s been badly broken, and physical therapy is recommended afterwards to rebuild strength and stability. Pain management is also important when dealing with any kind of injury in seniors so they can stay comfortable while they recover.

But recovery might not just mean getting back on their feet – it could also mean adaptability, as they may need to find new ways to manage tasks that they used to take for granted before the accident. Often, family members or healthcare professionals will have to step in and lend a hand until strength and stability can be regained.

Unfortunately, falls aren’t always preventable – even during relatively mild weather conditions – but there are ways we can reduce their risk. Making sure the senior’s home environment is safe from hazards like uneven ground or steps that could trip them up; checking their medications don’t cause dizziness; and regularly monitoring their balance will help ensure none of us suffer an unnecessary fall due to inclement winds and breezy days.  Let us take heed from this knowledge; let us also keep our elders in mind so that accidents such as these can hopefully become few and far between!


By: Benjamin Partyka, DPT

My highest praise goes to the team at this nursing home partners, as they truly went above and beyond in finding a place that was perfect for our mom. I believe partnering with this service is invaluable for anyone looking for a care home in Hawaii.
Aaron Tamashiro
Working with Nursing Home Partners was a lifesaver for me. They did everything possible to make the process smooth and easy. Highly recommend Vance, he’s very knowledgeable and understanding.
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I was in the process of finding a new home for my grandma, when our doctor recommended contacting Nursing Home Partners. I am so glad we did, from start to finish, they explained every step of the process,, answered all of our questions, and went above and beyond to make sure all of our needs were met.
Tommy G.

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